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June 15, 2013
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You gave Gilbert a white t-shirt and some shorts so he wouldn't be quite so.... exposed. It was a Saturday, but there were things to be done! You put your clothes in the washing machine while Gilbert watched curiously but cautiously. He tilted his head to the side as you put in the detergent, then jumped when the machine started with a loud –THUNK-.
“Frau, don’t scare me like zat!” he said as his tail whipped back and forth. He was obviously embarrassed that you had caught him in a moment of weakness.
“It’s alright Gil, everyone knows what a tough cat you are.” You rolled your eyes once your back was turned to him. When you turned back, you saw that Gilbert was mesmerized by the tossing clothes in the machine. His ruby red eyes were fixated on the swirling garments. His mouth was slightly open and he looked very naïve and adorable. You reached down and ruffled his ears affectionately.
Once the clothes were done, it was time to hang them up to dry. It’s a beautiful, sunny summer day with a light breeze. You walk out to the clothesline strung out over the grassy lawn beneath two tall oak trees. The breeze ruffles your hair and there are little tufts of white fluff floating through the air, cottonwood seeds. Gilbert started chasing after the little white bits of fluff, bounding over the lawn and reaching up towards the sky, trying to catch them in his smooth, white fingers. You guessed his cat instincts were overpowering his new, mostly human form. All you could think about was how cute he looked as he played. Finally, he lay down in the grass, on his back, exhausted. The breeze ruffled his hair and his tail twitched as he napped. His face was gentle in repose.
You took advantage of the momentary peace to hang up your laundry. After you had finished, you stifled a yawn. You walked over to where Gilbert was sleeping and lay down beside him. You drifted off to sleep in the warm sunlight listening to Gilbert’s soft breathing and the little mewling sounds he made in his sleep.
You woke up slowly and the air felt cooler than before. The dusky purple glow of sunset showed through the treetops on the horizon. You started. How long had you been asleep for? You tried to get up, but you realized that Gilbert had wound his arms around your waist and was holding you tightly.
“Mmm-maow...” he said sleepily.
You pinched his cheek and stretched it out like taffy, while looking at him with a mixture of annoyance and affection.
“Gilbert! You have to wake up!”
He was still asleep... Oh dear, you had hoped that it wouldn’t come to this, but it was time to bring out the secret weapon. You had to kiss the sleeping prince...
You leaned down and your lips met Gilbert’s. They were very soft and his mouth was slightly ajar while he was sleeping. After you kissed him, his apple-red eyes opened slowly.
“Vat did you do zat for?”
“To wake you up,” and with that you stood up and went to take down the laundry. It smelled like grass and summer, and just as you turned to take down the last sheet, you saw that Gilbert had picked up the basket for you.
“Good kitty,” you said as you smiled at him and kissed him on the cheek.
Gilbert blushed and looked away as you started walking back to the house. He followed with the basket. Once you were back in the kitchen, you made two glasses of iced tea, the perfect drink for a summer’s night. Then you and Gilbert went out to sit in the backyard and watch the stars come out. The starlight made Gilbert’s silvery fur gleam and the two of you talked late into the night, surrounded by the warm and intimate darkness.
Here is the much anticipated part two of my neko Prussia story. I hope it isn't a disappointment and that it fulfills all your hopes and dreams.
I don't own Hetalia! Or the preview image! The website for the preview image is included in the description of part one of this story.
Here is the link to Part 1:
And Part 3:
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