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America X Reader Birthday
It was 8 p.m. on your birthday. You had spent the entire day by yourself. It didn't seem quite fair that you had celebrated birthdays
so enthusiastically with the guys you had dated this year and you were alone for your own. But then again, life isn't fair is it?
You always gave your all in love and it was never enough for anyone. In the end, you were always alone. Not even a birthday cake for you. What a waste of energy, you sighed.
You walk slowly under the cool rain. Thunder rumbles in the distance. It was getting dark quickly and the rain drops were like
silver fingers stroking your scalp.
"I'm still alive", you whispered into the hissing rain.
Your heart felt like a cold and heavy rock in your chest and the humid air was hard to breathe. The street lamps bore halos of
the fragile, flitting bodies of mosquitos. You passed throught the natural arch that the pine trees made as an entrance to your
neighborhood park. On the stone pillar to the left of the verdant gate, a yellow cat was
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Neko!Prussia X Reader Bathtime (Pt. 3)
“Gilbert~!” your voice echoed through your house, “Bath time~!” There may or may not have been a sadistic smile on your face... You walked slowly and stealthily down the hall into the living room. There was a silvery-white tail protruding from behind the sofa. It flicked up and down nervously. You used your ninja skills to creep forward without making a sound.  Then, you pounced.
“I’VE GOT YOU!!!” you cried as you threw yourself onto Gilbert’s crouching form.
“Mraow!!” he cried out as he began to struggle. You were pretty strong though, and you held him down. However, Gilbert, being a cat, was lean and muscular and his thrashing was wearing you out.
“Hey Gil,” you whispered sexily as you leaned down and licked his neck, “if you don’t cooperate, I’ll make you take two baths.”
Gilbert’s body went limp, and you relinquished your hold on him. There were tears at the corners of his sca
:iconthoth-ibis:Thoth-ibis 324 107
I want to reach up, to thrust my hand into the blue ether of the sky,
to pluck the lines of longitude and latitude away and pull them to earth.
I’d wind the silvery threads around my arm and weave them,
into a silver-shine cloak for you, to protect you from the rain.
Since it was woven from the transparent lines that mark the skies,
it would change color every day, just like your eyes.
I’d climb up a thunderhead, past the storm to gather a vial of sunshine,
to brighten your rainy days.
I’d pour it over your head like a benediction and your hair would shine golden.
I’ll follow you on your adventures, whether they lead to ancient forests
or insane asylums.
I’ll transform myself into whatever you desire, for I have many guises
and I wear a thousand masks.
For you, I’d be friend, confidant, lover, protector.
I’ll stand between you and the north winds, when they howl
as winter approaches.
I’ll build you a house on a hill that looks out over a
:iconthoth-ibis:Thoth-ibis 6 8
Canada X Reader Camping Trip
“Matthew, do you have it?”
You slid the pole through the fabric of the tent, and straightened your back as Matthew pulled the pole through to the other side. You and your boyfriend Matthew were camping in beautiful pine forest in Ontario, Canada. The verdant green pine needles rustled in the cool northern breeze. It was summer, but this far north it got chilly towards evening, even in the summer. You were camping in a quiet clearing a little ways from the shore of Lake Huron. Matthew, being Canadian, and an avid outdoorsman, knew all the beautiful little places that his nation contained.
In the clearing, golden pine needles carpeted the ground and dampened the sound of your footsteps. The only sounds were the trills of song birds and your own voices. Matthew wore a red and white plaid shirt and smiled happily as he gazed up at the sky through the branches of the trees. His violet eyes sparkled at you as he asked,
“Do you like it ------- ?”
:iconthoth-ibis:Thoth-ibis 119 26
I lie awake and worry
like unraveling a tapestry,
string by string.
The numbers on the digital clock
steadily increase
like a population of rabbits.
The night grows later,
but I cannot sleep.
I feel uneasy,
but my little round pills
rattling in their bottle
don’t make it go away.
The rain outside drips
and drips.
Slower, then faster
like the little green
electric minutes.
My eyes sting from
their open-ness,
but my body refuses rest.
My mind journeys on
through shifting sand dunes.
And I slip, I fade
into turbulent dust,
as bells toll the hours
of a ceaseless night.
:iconthoth-ibis:Thoth-ibis 5 11
Neko!Prussia X Reader Laundry Day (Pt. 2)
You gave Gilbert a white t-shirt and some shorts so he wouldn't be quite so.... exposed. It was a Saturday, but there were things to be done! You put your clothes in the washing machine while Gilbert watched curiously but cautiously. He tilted his head to the side as you put in the detergent, then jumped when the machine started with a loud –THUNK-.
“Frau, don’t scare me like zat!” he said as his tail whipped back and forth. He was obviously embarrassed that you had caught him in a moment of weakness.
“It’s alright Gil, everyone knows what a tough cat you are.” You rolled your eyes once your back was turned to him. When you turned back, you saw that Gilbert was mesmerized by the tossing clothes in the machine. His ruby red eyes were fixated on the swirling garments. His mouth was slightly open and he looked very naïve and adorable. You reached down and ruffled his ears affectionately.
Once the clothes were done, it was time to hang them up
:iconthoth-ibis:Thoth-ibis 302 79
Neko!Prussia X Reader New Pet! (Pt.1)
You’re walking home after work, and you daydream as usual.
“La~la~ It would be great to have a pet! Like a fuzzy kitty or something! Or maybe a dragon!”
(To be honest you’ve always been a little strange...)
You are thinking about riding your awesome dragon over a fantasy battlefield dressed as a warrior maiden in full-body armor when a strange little shop catches your eye.
“I haven’t seen that store before....” you think, “It must be new!”
The sign says: “Belladonna Pet Shop”. It looks sort of dark inside, but the sign says the shop is open.
“Hmm... curiouser and curiouser...”, you push open the door slowly.
As you enter, your eyes widen. It’s so... elegant for a pet shop. There are purple silk curtains and incense is burning in a little dish at the counter. There’s a tank full of colorful and exotic fish and little cages filled with soft kittens and jumpy puppies. No dragons though... even if it
:iconthoth-ibis:Thoth-ibis 479 110
Mature content
Romano X Reader Renaissance Man :iconthoth-ibis:Thoth-ibis 79 18
Canada X Reader Ice Cream
Canada X Reader
Your favorite song is playing on the radio in your car. Your boyfriend, Matthew doesn’t drive. He loves hiking all around the mountains and can split wood all day long, but for some reason driving scares him. So, you drive. You don’t mind. “He looks so cute when he gazes out the window like that”, you think. His blonde hair catches the late afternoon sun.You stop at a red light. Suddenly, he turns and looks at you with his startlingly blue eyes. The look in his eyes is so filled with tenderness that your chest hurts. You smile and look back to the road when the light changes.
“Where do you want to go?” you ask.
“Anywhere that you are is a wonderful place,” he says shyly.
Again, that tightness. “Is this what love feels like?” you wonder. You keep driving, but you glance over at him occasionally. You drive past one of those walk-up ice cream places that are open in the summer. You remember how much Matthew loves
:iconthoth-ibis:Thoth-ibis 122 44
Prussia X Reader The Pocky Game
Prussia X Reader The Pocky Game
You heard the doorbell ring. It must be your boyfriend Gilbert! You bounded down the stairs and almost slipped on the last one. Your heart still beating fast, you slid down the hall and opened the door. Gilbert was standing outside with a shy expression on his face. He tried to cover it up with bravado.
“It took you forever to answer the door Frau! The awesome me should not have to wait,” he said as he walked past you into the hall. He was still blushing as he handed you a box of Pocky.
“I brought you some because I know you like it so...” he said, blushing.
“Aww! Thank you!” you exclaimed. Suddenly a mischievous expression crossed your face.
“You know what you can do with Pocky,” you said slyly.
“Vat?” he asked impatiently.
“Oh, you don’t know?” you said, teasing him, “Come on.” You pulled him up the stairs to your room.
The two of you sat on the floor across from
:iconthoth-ibis:Thoth-ibis 110 50
Lithuania X Reader College Admissions
Lithuania X Reader College Admissions
Hearing back from colleges you’d applied to was proving to be rather stressful. Senior year at its worst...  Your boyfriend, Lithuania, who was in the grade below you was trying his best to calm you down. The two of you had gone for a walk in the park because being out in nature always cheered you up. Today however, the balmy spring air could not reduce your anxiety.
“Oh my God! I didn’t know that rejection would hurt this bad!”
“It’s ok ---------, everything’s going to be ok. You didn’t really want to go to XX University anyways.”
“I know but...”
You sighed. Lithuania looked at you with compassionate blue gray eyes.
“Do you need a hug?” he asked.
Lithuania wrapped his arms around you and hugged you tightly. You could feel his compassion in the way he held you. You breathed out slowly and looked over his shoulder with half-closed eyes. There wer
:iconthoth-ibis:Thoth-ibis 36 22
China X Reader Fortune Cookie
China X Reader Fortune Cookie
  It was cold and the air outside was filled with flurries of white snow. You walked along in the winter chill toward “Imperial Palace”, your favorite Chinese take-out place. You stared at the sidewalk as you went along, so as to avoid any treacherous patches of ice. As you looked up, you were greeted by the warm glow of the Chinese restaurant and the bright red paper lanterns hung in its windows.  You pushed open the door and you were greeted by the warm scent of Chinese food.  You walked over to the counter and noticed a new staff member working in the back. He had long, shiny black hair that was pulled back in a ponytail and was wearing a black sleeveless top that left his lightly muscled arms exposed. He skillfully tossed the wok that he held in his left hand.  He noticed you standing on the other side of the counter and set the wok down. He walked over to the counter and regarded you with a smile and warm, brown eyes.
“Hello, I
:iconthoth-ibis:Thoth-ibis 92 43
Neko!AmericaXReader Pt. 2 Belated Valentines Day
Neko!AmericaXReader Pt. 2 Belated Valentine's Day
   You hummed happily as you set about getting dressed in the morning. Your boyfriend Alfred was coming over today. Since he had become semi-human, the two of you had begun dating. Alfred’s owner Arthur was familiar with and very accepting of magical phenomena and was not perturbed by Alfred’s transformation. Arthur told people that Alfred was his younger brother and Alfred lived with him though he visited you often. Strangely, only you and Arthur seemed to be able to tell that Alfred was a neko. Other people proved unable to see his ears and tail. “It must have been that cat festival magic....” you thought to yourself.
Suddenly, you heard a tap at your window. You walked over to the window and opened it. A pair of golden ears became visible over the edge of the window sill, and then Alfred leapt into your room and threw his arms around you. His tail swished contentedly as he smiled down at you.
:iconthoth-ibis:Thoth-ibis 128 30
Hetalia in Oz Pt. 2 The Scarecrow
Hetalia in Oz Pt. 2 The Scarecrow (AmericaXReader)
You and Arthur had been walking along the path for some time now and the forest began to give way to open fields. Suddenly, a mint-green flying bunny swooped in from the sky and alighted upon Arthur’s outstretched arm.
“Well, hello flying mint bunny! You hadn’t come to see me for a few weeks and I was beginning to get worried about you!”
“I heard that you had been released, so I flew right over to see you!”
“Tell me, does this path lead to the scarecrow that you spoke to me about?”
“Yes indeed Arthur!”
“Magnificent,” Arthur hesitated, “Forgive my rudeness! Mint bunny, this is -----------,
----------, this is flying mint bunny, my familiar.”
“It’s a pleasure to meet you.”
“And to you!” the bunny replied in a squeaky voice.
The three of you continued onward until you began to reach cultivated land. There were fenced in
:iconthoth-ibis:Thoth-ibis 22 18
Neko!AmericaXReader Cat Festival
Neko!AmericaXReader Cat Festival
...sigh.... Another lonely day in the life of ------------. You powered down your computer and decided to go for a walk outside. It was still winter, and the air was cold and crisp. You pulled on a jacket and set out. It was after dark, but the sky was clear and filled with stars. You felt something warm and furry brush against your leg. You looked down and saw a yellow and tan striped cat.
“Alfred!” you exclaimed with delight.
Alfred began to purr and rub against your leg. You ruffled his ears and petted him gently. Alfred was a semi-feral cat that belonged to one of your neighbors. They let him wander around the neighborhood. He was the friendliest cat you had ever seen and you always seemed to run into him when you went for walks.
You sat down on the sidewalk and Alfred curled up in your lap. As you petted him, you began to think out loud.
“Oh Alfred, I wish you were human because then you could be my boyfriend or something...
:iconthoth-ibis:Thoth-ibis 242 92
Hetalia in Oz Pt. 1 The Tin Man (EnglandX Reader)
You decided to go for a walk in the forest to clear your head because you were having a hard time focusing on studying. You pulled on a sweatshirt and a pair of sturdy combat boots and pushed open the fence that separated your backyard from the forest. You set out on your walk. The cool air was already raising your spirits and you smiled as the wind ruffled your hair. You followed the path as it ran along the bank of the river. The flowing river made a calming sound and there was no one in sight. The only sign of civilization was the slight whoosh of cars passing over the bridge that crossed the river a quarter mile downstream.
You vaulted over a dead tree that had fallen and blocked the path. When you landed on the ground, you slipped backward in the mud and hit the back of your head on the fallen tree. You sat there and scrunched your eyes against the pain. When you opened them, you noticed a glint of metal in the grass. You reached over and began to clear the grass away and found th
:iconthoth-ibis:Thoth-ibis 30 17





I'm back b*tches! Time to write some fanfics! Hopefully, I'll be updating pretty frequently now. 


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